FiX iT is dedicated to helping more people fix, mend and repair more things. We make tools, knowledge and resources easier to find, promote Lane County businesses, while telling the stories behind repair work.

FiX iT is provided by Lane County Waste Management and supported by its partners City of Eugene and Toolbox Project. The site was developed in order to empower and educate Lane County residents about the growing ‘repair movement,’ to extend the life of the “stuff” we own, helping people save money and reduce waste.

Our goal is to support fix, mend and repair businesses, but to educate the community that the practice of repair is a meaningful alternative to business-as-usual consumer culture. FiX iT Lane County intends to be the hub of information and education for those seeking FiX, Mend and Repair services and event information. 

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Maintenance and Repair

“Our goal is to identify and promote the full range of repair options available to Lane County residents. Families save money and resources when they choose to repair and reuse. Simultaneously, we have the opportunity to build stronger, sustainable livelihoods when we enable this type of neighbor-to-neighbor service economy.”

Angie Marzano

Lane County Waste Reduction Specialist




Monday – Friday

8:00AM – 3:00PM

Lane County

Waste Management

3100 East 17th Ave

Eugene, Oregon


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