Fix It Lane County is about making simple changes to help you save money, support your community, conserve natural resources and enjoy more time with friends and family. This site has been developed to give Lane County residents tools and ideas for reducing waste, and specifically, how to take action and where to find resources.

There is a growing “repair movement” in Eugene and across the U.S. that is empowering and educating people to look more closely at the goods they own or buy. Choosing items for durability and repairability (such as shoes that can have the soles replaced when they become worn) extends the life of your stuff, saving you money while reducing waste.

Maintenance and repair can be easy, too. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, how-to classes and online tutorials can help you improve your sewing, bike or home repair skills quickly. There are also community resources, such as Fix-it Fairs, and local repair shops that can fix anything from clothing and shoes, to furniture, tools, electronics, appliances and more!


“Our goal is to identify and promote the full range of repair options available to Lane County residents. Families save money and resources when they choose to repair and reuse. Simultaneously, we have the opportunity to build stronger, sustainable livelihoods when we enable this type of neighbor-to-neighbor service economy.”

Sarah Grimm

Lane County Waste Reduction Specialist




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